About me

I have Coeliac Disease and having been living free from Gluten since my diagnosis back in 2006. More recently, I have had to cut out lactose from my diet, too. As you can imagine, this adds its challenges to dining out, shopping, cooking and travel.

I’m sure everyone has had at least one person say, “I don’t want to eat that if it’s gluten free. It’ll taste different”… What a load of rubbish! Free from does not have to mean  it lacks in any way. You can still have your [gluten and lactose free] cake and eat it!

I am the only one in my household that is free from. As a Mum of two daughters, I often try to tailor our meals so we’re all eating the same thing. Often they don’t even twig that it’s gluten free… after all most of the key ingredients of food are naturally gluten and dairy free, such as meat, fish, vegetables.

Both my daughters’ had their bloods checked for coeliac disease as babies. My youngest daughter’s test came back inconclusive, so initially she did live gluten free, up until a negative blood test and her tummy symptoms passed. My godson is dairy free, so often as well as gluten and lactose free, I try out products and make things that are suitable for him, too.

If you want to know more about gluten, lactose and what coeliac disease is, please check out my blog post What is gluten? What is lactose?.

After years of researching, recipe hunting, restaurant disappointments and ingredient list scouring… I thought I should set up a blog to keep and share my findings and experiences.