The lack of lactose free meds

It frustrates and surprises me that so many tablets contain lactose, especially as my research shows that it is mostly just used as a filler and there are more and more dairy/lactose allergy sufferers around.

A recent conversation in my staff room at work brought to my attention that out of the 5 people in there at that time, all bar one either had a dairy/lactose allergy or had someone in their household that did.

Recently an old back injury flaring up with avengeance, caused me to need to go to my local GP, where I was prescribed Naproxen (a strong anti-inflammatory). It wasn’t until I got my tablets home from the chemists, that I saw on the back of the packet that they contained lactose.

I went back to the pharmacy and was told that they struggle to get any stock in at the moment, let alone specific brands, but they would try to get hold of a suitable alternativfor me – but what was I supposed to do in the meantime?

I called my doctors back and called round numerous pharmacies, none of them could issue me with something suitable. I also did my research online finding that there were mixed reports as to whether the amount of lactose present in the tablets meant they were ok for lactose allergy sufferers – this was no help at all so I talked to some pharmacists who told me that I shouldn’t take these as the effects of lactose on my body would undermine the benefits of taking the tablets.

11 days later and I still haven’t heard anything or received a suitable alternative and I am still suffering.

I can’t help but thinking that if I had managed to get these tablets then my recovery would have been speedier. It also made me frustrated for fellow allergy sufferers, such as my little godson who is dairy free – what will he do in the future if he is poorly and in need of medication?

This is not an isolated incident either, I had the same problem when looking for allergy medication. Out of multiple supermarket and chemist shelves there was only one packet that I could take – Benadryl Allergy Liquid Capsules.



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