Dairy free ice cream influx in local Tesco

Yes! My local Tesco now sells a wider variety of dairy free ice cream.

I never realised how much I missed being able to have ice cream until our summer holiday to Italy. All that gelato I couldn’t scoff with the rest of the family.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see the ever-increasing range now stocked in my local Tesco Express.


More dairy free icecream in Tesco – including Ben and Jerry’s and Alpro

I’ve tried the Alpro hazelnut and chocolate one and it is to die for. Tastes like an ice cream version of Nutella or praline.

Recently, I tried the Swedish Glace vanilla soy ice cream. It was so smooth and creamy… in my opinion tastier than traditional dairy ice cream. I say my opinion as I didn’t share it! Although, it did score highly on Channel 4’s Tried and Tasted programme.


Swedish Glace Vanilla Soy Ice Cream


I’ve been told Swedish Glace do a raspberry version in Waitrose, which I am looking forward to trying.

Has anyone tried the Ben and Jerry’s dairy free ice creams?


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