The richest pickings when it comes to free from sausages

If you find yourselves in Norwich then you must pop along to the market and grab some delicious gluten free sausages from Pickerings’ stall. The only problem will be deciding which variety to choose!

Pickerings the Butchers of Norwich offer such a wide menu of award-winning sausages, with most of them being gluten and dairy free. The range can be seen¬†here. With so much choice it’s handy that they often have the deal of buy 2lbs and get the 3rd free.


On our last visit we sampled Norfolk Pure Pork (pork sausages made with pure pork and a light seasoning and that’s it! 97% meat, low fat / low salt, wheat, gluten and dairy free), Luigi’s Italian (Italian style pork sausages with onion, garlic and herbs, 85% meat, wheat, gluten and dairy free) and Crofters Lamb Sausage (Lamb & beef sausage with herbs and garlic, 85% meat, wheat, gluten and dairy free). They were all delicious but I think the Lamb ones just edged it as mine and my husband’s favourite. My daughters opted to place it safe with the very tasty Norfolk Pure Pork sausages.

A sign on the stall states “Green means Gluten and Wheat free. People who need a diet containing no gluten or wheat find out selection second to none.We use no substitute fillers and only the finest cuts of meat with natural spices. All these products are made using clean machinery so there is no chance of contamination.”


More information can be found on the company’s Facebook page¬†… but I would recommend following your nose and heading to the stall to buy and try for yourselves (Norwich Market, Row E. NR2 1ND).

Many people turn their noses up at gluten free, but I can say that none of my family or friends complain about gluten free sausages. My husband used to like a certain “cheap” brand of sausages, but now the mere thought of them and what they might contain (or not in the meat % department) turns his stomach. He’s is a proper meat eater and now always checks the meat content of sausages, opting for the gluten free ones every time. After all they contain more meat, with none of the cr*p that goes in some other sausages. You could say, more bangers for your buck!


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