Cheesed off

I have to admit I am not a fan of dairy free cheese, but the lactose free cheese isn’t too bad, and luckily I can tolerate the latter.


I recently tried ‘Violife’ dairy free cheese. Unfortunately, after one bite this one hit the bin. The texture was rubbery and the taste not in any way similar to any cheese I’d ever had before. Plus, you have to pay more for the displeasure. I would rather not have cheese than try this again, no matter how harsh that seems. I also found it incredibly worrying that the cheese bounces – although it did give us a tiny element of amusement in a disappointing situation.


Luckily, I had some ‘Arla. Lactofree’ cheese in the fridge. Although this was much nicer, I definitely prefer the mature version. The mature version even foxes my non-lactose-free girls when in dishes – high praise indeed (especially as my youngest is a self-confessed cheese monster)!


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