London weekend: Las Iguanas and Byron burger

Just back from a lovely family weekend in London – early Mother’s Day celebration combined with educating my girls about the capital. As well as taking in the sights and visiting the Natural History Museum, Lego Shop and M&M world (dairy free nightmare as the chocolate smelt so good and they are gluten free), we naturally did plenty of eating and drinking.

Starting with a Wetherspoon gluten free breakfast (see previous post), we also had evening meals at Byron burger, Greenwich and Las Iguanas, Westfield. Plus, a tasty gluten free scotch egg from M&S.

Byron’s website isn’t overly helpful when looking for a gluten/dairy free choice as it doesn’t break down the ingredients for the burger without the bun. So I emailed them and was told that if I spoke to the manager at the time of my visit then they would check and try their best to accommodate me, which they did. I chose a Classic burger (burger, lettuce, tomato and red onion) “Bun free skinny” (which means with a side salad instead of a bun) with added bacon. It was tasty, but for me it didn’t live up to the hype I’ve heard about it. I still prefer GBK and Craft Burger, Cromer for both the taste of the burgers and the service allergen-wise.

We’d went to Las Iguanas back in April last year and the dish I had there has stuck in my head as being one of the best flavour-sensations I’ve had recently. So good that I ordered it again this time round. I went for ‘BAHIAN COCONUT CHICKEN’ from the ‘Brazil and beyond’ section on the menu. It is marked up as gluten free, but I had to ask for it to be made dairy free (it does state this on the very helpful online menu). This seemed no bother to the waitress to sort for me – which always makes a meal that bit more enjoyable. The Bahian Coconut Chicken consists of chicken breast strips pan-fried in cumin, coriander & cayenne & cooked in a creamy coconut sauce with ginger, garlic, tomatoes & coriander, served with spring onion rice & shredded greens. It looked, smelt and tasted divine. I would definitely order this again. Plus, they have a decent kids menu too!


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