Marsham Arms, Norfolk

We enjoyed another top meal at The Marsham Arms on Thursday lunchtime, spending a voucher we were given for Christmas.

Located in Norfolk approximately 7 miles outside Norwich, this pub/restaurant is our new family favourite. So much so, it’s where our eldest has chosen to go for her birthday meal with her best friend – she could choose anywhere. A very grown up choice for a girl who is growing up way too fast!

We love it here because not only is it local to us, but the food is tasty, locally-sourced and they cater so well for my dietary requirements.

It never seems too much trouble for the waiting staff to check my order with the chef and then tweak the meals to suit my diet. They are so clued up on their ingredients and menu that I’ve always been able to have my first choice and never feel awkward – which is a rarity of which I’m sure other allergy sufferers can relate to.

The other reason we love it is because the children are treated like mini adults, which is very important to us. They can eat what we eat and rightly so, in my opinion. As a family, we dislike kids menus that are all ‘something and chips’ – a menu like that stops us going to a restaurant. In fact, the first thing I do before even looking that a restaurant caters for me is to check the kids menu. At the Marsham Arms, the children’s menu has, what I call, “proper food” on it. Dishes my girls (budding foodies – wonder where they get that from!) actually want to order and that they struggle to choose between. Plus, children can request smaller versions of meals off the main menu.

On the website it says the pub/restaurant’s mantra is “we care” – and it shows!

This visit I opted for ‘Buttered asparagus with poached egg’ (minus the butter), followed by ‘Slow roasted Pork Belly crackling, mash, cider and sage sauce, sautéed savoy cabbage with bacon’ (with chips instead of mash and gravy instead of the sauce). It looked and tasted delicious, though my husband had to help me finish off the pork as this time it defeated me – he certainly didn’t mind!

We were in the bad books with the girls for going when they were at school, but they (and we) are looking forward to our next visit.



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