Recipe: Homemade raw, no refined sugar, free from dairy and gluten chocolate bark!

Sounds too healthy to be tasty? Think again.


Craving some chocolate on a Monday eve, I had a rummage in my cupboards and found that I had all the ingredients to knock up a recipe I’d been eyeing up on Pinterest for some time. Eatdrinkpaleo‘s raw cacao butter chocolate bark recipe.

I used half the ingredients as I only had that quantity of cacao butter in my cupboards (left over from making Deliciously Ella’s take on Millionaire Shortbread). Based on what I had available, I also usedĀ cocoa powder (rather than cacao), maple syrup (rather than honey), vanilla extract (not essence), rasins (not bluberries or cranberries) and extra flaked almonds (rather than seeds or coconut). I also don’t have a digital thermometer, so took extra care that the cacao butter melted but didn’t get too hot.

The outcome was a rich, creamy tasting chocolate bark which snapped beautifully and was relatively simple to make. Due to its richness, I broke into small pieces – I’m hoping this will make it last longer, but I’m not convinced. My daughters’ who usually favour milky, sweet, sugary commercial chocolate, both enjoyed a nibble. I have a feeling this will be a recipe I make many times in the future.



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