Thowback Thursday – Budapest, Hungary

Back in November I was lucky enough to spend a long weekend in Budapest. It’s a truly beautiful place and, turns out, is a great place to be a Coeliac.

I have to admit, I did worry about what I was going to be able to eat in Budapest, but I shouldn’t have. We ate very well indeed!

On the first day, we did some sight seeing and popped into a little café restaurant for a drink and bite to eat. I was all prepared to just have a drink, but was pleasantly surprised to see items marked gluten free on the menu. I enjoyed a very tasty cold meats platter with gluten free baguette.

One evening, we had a delicious meal in Zeller Bistro. The bistro seems off the beaten-track but is a must-visit if you’re in Budapest. It’s essential to book, we didn’t and were very fortunate that they could accommodate us – I’d have been gutted if we had to be turned away. Right from when we first walked in, the staff were extremely helpful and attentive. We were served a complimentary glass of homemade fizz as they prepared our table. All the food comes from the owner’s farm, even the wine which is probably why the staff are so knowledgeable about it! They told me they could tweak pretty much any dish for me and they even brought me out freshly made bread (two types) and a cupcake with the bill. I wish I’d have taken a photo of my beautiful looking and even better tasting food, but I couldn’t wait to tuck in!

Another evening, we went to Burger Market. I’d done my research prior to travelling and this came up as a place to go for those on a gluten free diet. It didn’t disappoint. I had the best gluten free burger I’ve had out-and-about. I went for the Angus with bacon, egg and ketchup. The server asked if gluten free was a lifestyle choice or on medical grounds and when I said the latter, she asked whether eating gluten would cause me big problems. When I answered yes (I’m coeliac) she spoke to the kitchen to ensure the message was passed on and that mine was prepared separately. There was a short wait, but I didn’t mind as we new our meals were being freshly cooked and prepared carefully to avoid cross contamination – the wine helped, too. It’s somewhere I’d definitely go again – faultless service and a tasty ‘naughty’ burger!

It’s starting to sound like all we did was eat and drink… well that’s mostly the case though we did enjoy plenty of sightseeing and a trip to the famous spa baths!

Post spa-bath visit, all chilled and refreshed, we paid a visit to Due Fratelli  – a lovely little Italian restaurant frequented by the locals. Nearly all the food on the menu was available gluten free with a choice of pasta or gnocchi. I had a bolognaise with gnocchi (the first time I’d tried gnocchi) – it was very tasty and so much of it!

Most places we went into had gluten free options marked on the menu. The staff were always very helpful and spoke good English. Budapest is a stunning place and well worth a visit. We will be going back!


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