A lot of love for this blog post….

I stumbled across this beaut of a blog post from ‘The Coeliacs Kitchen’ which pretty much sums up peoples’ reactions to you having Coeliac Disease….. Check it out:

Your Doctor – “You have Coeliac Disease”. The diagnosis itself is scary, ‘bread? you’re telling me I can’t eat fresh bread?’ But I think something that can be just as scary is the reactions you receive from family and friends. I’ve put together a list of reactions that I received, and I am hoping that […]

via The 4 Reactions Others Have Toour Coeliac Diagnosis — The Coeliacs Kitchen


The only thing I’d add is those that ignore you. The ones who once would have invited you round for food, but rather than trying to understand, they just cut you out or the few that come to you but never consider inviting you in return.

Why can’t we have more ‘Understanders’ in the world!


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