Throwback Thursday – Free From in France

I love travelling and one of our favourite places to visit is Brittany, France. My parents have a house there so it’s somewhere we’ve visited a lot over the years. Last March we had the added complication of my lactose intolerance so it was a slightly different experience food-wise.

I always take with me the downloadable translation cards from and the France travel guide from Coeliac UK. Plus, this time I did some research and noted down different translations for things, such as milk, cream, etc. So that I could check ingredients.

In my experience, French supermarkets don’t tend to have much in the way of ‘free from’ items (they seem to have more sugar free) so I go prepared with part-baked rolls, pasta, etc.

This time I really missed being able to enjoy moules out-and-about, but I still managed to enjoy one of my Breton favourites – gallette jambon oeuf (a gallette with ham and egg).

The Breton gallettes are made from buckwheat flour (gallettes de sarrasin), so they are gluten free, although be wary that some do contain gluten (I found this out reading the ingredients in the supermarkets). We love going to the markets and at our nearest market in Josselin there was a stall holder advertising gluten free gallettes… I couldn’t resist so enjoyed a lovely ham and egg gallette – I didn’t miss not having the cheese at all and could have easily devoured more than one! One day I will cook some at home using this recipe from Doves farm (with some lactose-free tweaks).

In restaurants I found the staff helpful and accommodating. The gluten free translation cards really helped. Steak was my go-to choice and a tasty one, too.

Overall, France is a good place to go if you suffer with allergies, but go prepared with your must-have staples and good research.


Josselin, Brittany


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