Zizi – Gluten and dairy free? You can still have a pizza the action

It’s no new news that Italian chain restaurants are good for Coeliacs, but since being lactose free, too, I haven’t felt able to frequent them like I used to. That was until the February half term!

Looking for somewhere to go for lunch with my little family, my Mum and my sister I searched through menus and allergy documents and was pleasantly surprised to see that Zizi cater have vegan items available on their gluten free menu.

So we went….

The allergy menu was user friendly and easy-to-read unlike the complex booklets I’m usually handed. I was very pleasantly surprised to see a number of things I could eat… and more rarely, that I actually wanted to eat! I was between the Vegan lentil ragu (with gluten free pasta) or the Vegan margarita pizza with a gluten free base.

Due to the novelty of it, I opted for the ‘Non-gluten vegan margarita pizza’ as it is called on the menu. There is the option to add other toppings, but I decided I wanted to taste and savour it as it is.

When it came out it looked delicious, very much like the other pizzas my family had ordered. The base was the perfect texture – homemade, rustic with the right balance of crunch and softness, yet still thin. Just the right amount of tomato sauce topping and fresh basil leaves. I was sceptical about the vegan mozzarella – made from coconut oil – but I need not to have been. It didn’t taste of coconut at all! It was really tasty and had that perfect mozzarella texture and stringiness.

I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my Godson. We will be definitely going back.

For non-allergy sufferers, my family praised up the menu also. Zizi seem to have revamped the menu since we last went, with more unusual options than you’d normally see in a chain Italian, such as prawn pizzas, etc.



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