When it’s not quite as good as you’d hoped!

I’m sure I’m not alone it this – The feeling of disappointment when something you’ve missed and craved for ages just doesn’t taste anywhere near as good as you expected or hoped! It’s happened many times in my free from lifetime.

The latest happened to me last night, when the banoffee pie I had just didn’t live up to my expectations.

I got so excited when I found it in the supermarket fridge – a dairy and gluten free Banoffee pie – now I could have a valentine’s desert similar to my hubbie!


Now, I’m not a dessert person, but for a while I’ve fancied a banoffee pie (probably as I persuaded my eldest to try one and now it’s one of her fave puddings). I think it’s the case of when you can’t have something, you want it more and I have never found a banoffee pie that I could have since before my diagnosis.

Not sure if it was the lack of egg, but this banoffee pie was just not for me. It was missing something – just can’t put my finger on what.

I wonder if it will be the case when I finally find some fig rolls that I can have!


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