Recipe: Lean in 15- Gluten and Dairy Free Homemade Pizza

I’ve been loosely following The Body Coach’s ‘Lean in 15’ plan and recipes for a while now and one of my favourites has to be his tortilla pizza. It provides the opportunity to have a tasty gluten and dairy free homemade pizza that is both healthy, and reduces the need for too many ‘Free from’ ingredients.

The pizza requires a gluten free tortilla for the base and then the rest of the ingredients are naturally free from – with an egg offering the gooey, richness that you usually get from the cheese.

You load up the tortilla base with tinned tomatoes mixed with kidney beans and oregano. Then top with wilted spinach (simply wilted under boiling water), meat of your choice (quality, rather than processed) and then crack an egg in a well in the centre. Cook for 12 minutes (or until cooked to your liking)…. and voila!


Here’s the link to one of Joe Wicks’ (The Body Coach) infamous instagram videos



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