Mine’s a pint – GF Draught beers

It’s nice to finally find places that offer gluten free beer out-and-about, but even nicer – and rarer – to find it on draught. Here are some places I’ve found that have gluten free lagers or beers on tap:

St Andrew’s Brewhouse, Norwich

You will find this venue mentioned a lot in my blogs. It’s a favourite of mine (and my family) for both the beer and food.

The St Andrew’s Brewhouse offer a range of beers brewed on site, you can even see inside the working brewery! One of their most popular beers is the Wensum Ale, named after the River Wensum. It’s gluten free and delicious! So good in fact, that many of my non-coeliac family and friends declare it their beer of choice here, too.

The Wensum Ale is a 3.8% bitter-style beer with a biscuity aroma and malty, hint-of-fruit finish.



The Brewdog chain can be found all over, but I visit my local in Norwich. I got told there was one in Rome, but we never stumbled across it on holiday. The chain specialise in its Scottish-brewed beers, including it’s gluten-free Vagabond Pale Ale.

I reviewed the Vagabond Pale Ale in my bottled beers to buy post as you can buy it from supermarkets, as well as in the Brewdog shops on-line and in their branches. If you are lucky (I say this as it’s not always been available on tap when I’ve visited due to popularity) it’s also available on-tap in the bars.

Vagabond Pale Ale, 4.5% ABV, was designed to demonstrate free from gluten doesn’t have to mean free from flavour – its hoppy citrus bitterness packs flavour, whilst its lightness makes it a thirst-quencher.

Nene Valley

I visited the Norwich beer festival last October and was pleased to see there were a number of gluten free beets at the show and I couldn’t wait to taste them all. However, on the day I went there was only one available (others were held for later in the event, or had run out).

Despite this, my luck was in, as the only gluten free beer available was one I really enjoyed (lucky really).

Brewed by Nene Valley Brewery, the beer I had was the “not meek, but mild” 3.8% Dark Horse. Much darker than any beer or ale I normally go for (my husband was shocked by me enjoying it), the dark ruby ale had a nice roasted taste with hints of chocolate, coffee and (my favourite) liquorice.


It’s a shame that I don’t live nearer, as I can’t wait to taste more from this brewery, where most of their brews are now gluten free! Maybe at the next beer festival….


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