Waitrose: New pasta is a tasty nutritional and environmental winner

The other day I popped into Waitrose and was pleasantly surprised to see two new ranges of gluten free pasta down the “normal” pasta aisle (always worth checking around stores and not just down the ‘Free From’ section). I think it was the eye-catching colours that initially caught my attention.

New Waitrose pasta

The LOVElife, Waitrose own brand, ‘Green Pea Pasta’ and the ‘Red Lentil Pasta’ are gluten free pastas that are high in protein and a good source of fibre.  Plus, they count as one of your five-a-day and only have one ingredient apiece – ideal for individuals watching what they eat and wanting to maximise on nutrition.

I couldn’t choose between them, so I had to get them both and give them a try.

20170131_113809 20170131_113816

Each box of pasta is 250g and at the moment costs £1.99 (I wonder if this price might reduce after its been available for longer). Although, this is more than other gluten free pasta costs, I wasn’t surprised as after all it is a healthier option.

Appearance: Although some colour was lost in cooking, they still retained a nice vibrant colour, as well as maintaining the ‘fusilli’ shape.

The taste test: The texture may take getting used to for some, but I really liked it. Just be careful not to overcook it. The flavours weren’t overpowering and I didn’t get the stodgy feeling that often goes with pasta.

I found the portion sizes too large, when served with a sauce, but this is personal taste.

A definite hit with me!

The red lentil probably just sneaks in as my favourite, but I really enjoyed them both and will definitely be purchasing these again instead of my regular brand of white gluten free pasta.

I decided to look the pastas up online to see other reviews and was pleased to find out that the packaging is made from the food waste during the production of the pasta. The peas and pulses that don’t make the grade or that are leftover are used to help make the boxes, which eliminates the need for a plastic sleeve within the packet.

According to the article from Huffington Post, the environmentally-friendly packaging is “made from 15% food waste, reduces the use of virgin tree pulp by 15% and lowers greenhouse gas emissions by 20%”!

The box is 100% recyclable.

So, these pastas are both nutritional and environmentally-sound, as well as being tasty and gluten free!


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